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Thou Shalt Sprint! is a high-paced action game where you mash your keyboard to become the best sprinter in the kingdom. You'll traverse many lands and sprint many laps on your quest to ultimate athletic dominance.

  • Run races with a variety of laps, other runners, and terrain features
  • Trip and pull other racers on your way to victory (but watch out for the wizard referees!)
  • Buy upgrades to further enhance your athletic superiority

Made in 48 hours by jmbiv using the Godot Engine.

Check out my YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLzFt-NdfCm8WFKTyqD0yJw/

Support my work here: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/jmbiv


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Linux 94 MB
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Windows 89 MB


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Very fun game, had a blast playing this! :D

the window is way too big for my screen and there doesnnt seem to be a way to change he size

If you go into monitor settings and go from your setting to another and back it should fix the issue

This is a fun game.

Although for my skill level, being caught cheating by a referee should’ve resulted in my position in the race results being pushed to the last place, and the monetary rewards for that race being revoked, so that I’d have to try again.

Otherwise this has been a really fun game, especially with the very wise decision to put a generous limit on the maximum effective button-mashing speed (how fast I have to mash the buttons to reach maximum speed).