You have died. The gods have decided to use you in their arena, where the souls of other men and creatures also lay trapped, unable to pass on to the afterlife.

You will have to compete with the others in the arena. If you die, the gods will bring you back to continue competing; a cycle of endless torment. If you win, and perhaps please the gods with your battle prowess in the arena, you might just earn a second chance at life...

When the game starts, you have the opportunity to select a weapon. Each weapon has different stats, like damage, range, and cooldown. Once you choose a weapon, your choice is final until you die again. After each victory, you'll be able to allocate some skill points - these persist after death, so if you're having trouble beating a certain enemy, keep fighting and leveling up.

Though starting with the right weapon will help you overcome certain enemies, sometimes the only way to win is to start with nothing...


WASD - movement

J - Dash - Increase your speed. If you attack while dashing you'll score a critical hit.

K - Attack

L - Dodge - Allows you to pass through enemies - try pressing it while moving toward your enemy right as they swing to dodge their attack.


v1.3 - Big rebalancing. Most enemies have more health and do more damage. Changed the amount of skill points you can allocate and how much you gain. 
v1.2 - Fixed issue where stamina was not upgradeable and where it didn't regenerate after a certain amount
v1.1 - Fixed a few typos and miscellaneous bugs with skill points and unlockable features (fists)
v1.0 - Initial release for LD45

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Made withGodot
TagsAction RPG, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 45

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